Réseau des Jeunes Volontaires Francophones du Cameroun

The Network of Francophone Young Volunteers of Cameroon

JVF-Cameroon at the COP 22 Summit in Marrakech, Morocco

JVF-Cameroon mobilizes young people for voter registration in Nkomkana-Yaoundé

The media involved in Youth Citizenship Education


The association called “Network of Young Francophone Volunteers of Cameroon abbreviated JVF-Cameroon has been committed since its creation in 2004 to invest in the promotion of the main values conveyed by the International Organization of La Francophonie to which it naturally adhered through its statutory objectives.


The JVF DU CAMEROUN association aims to:

  • Promote volunteering in the French-speaking world.
  • Strengthen local development programs
  • Develop national projects on the culture of peace
  • Deepen and succeed in the dialogue of cultures in the French-speaking world
  • Create and develop a French-speaking civic conscience.
  • Cultivate a space of cooperation for the respect of human rights and democracy.
  • Explain the need for multipolar globalization
  • Promote the Francophone cultural community
  • Develop close university and school cooperation between French-speaking countries
  • Develop the use of French in new information and communication technologies (NTIC)
  • Advocate for the evolution of public opinion on the perception of youth problems on the European and African continent and evaluate, exchange on good practices between generations.
  • Strengthen the contribution of women and young people for greater involvement and participation in decision-making
  • Represent the interests of African and Francophone youth at the regional, national and international levels
  • Encourage the development of new leadership among African and Francophone youth.


The association works with the following structures:

The national convention of Francophone Young Volunteers
Board of directors
The national office
Provincial Coordinations


The association is open to any natural or legal person regardless of academic, economic or social background. JVF CAMEROON brings together young students, civil society leaders and any other young people of good character without racial, ethnic or religious discrimination.


The headquarters of the association is fixed in YAOUNDE-CAMEROON. It can be transferred to any place in the national territory on the proposal of the national convention of Young Francophone Volunteers of Cameroon after agreement of the general assembly.